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Whether you’ve just left university, coming from outside Scotland, or considering a career change, one of the key questions you’ll want answered is ‘what does it cost to train to become a teacher and what support is available?’.

This is where you’ll find those crucial facts and figures. Needless to say, before you begin a career in teaching, you’ll need to know your sums.

"Personally, I find that it’s a job that is both stimulating and a whole lot of fun and that is something I hadn’t expected"Duncan Barclay – Physics Teacher at Inverurie Academy, Aberdeenshire
The 2020/21 tuition fee for both undergraduate and PGDE courses in Scotland is £1,820.
Your tuition fees will be paid by the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS). You’ll need to reapply to SAAS for each academic year you require funding. You’ll also receive a maintenance loan, as well as a non-repayable bursary in some cases. 
Your tuition fees will be paid by SAAS if you are eligible for support. Generally, EU nationals are not eligible for any loan or bursary funding from SAAS.
You will not be eligible for home tuition fees unless you are living in the UK by the end of 2020 and have applied for settled or pre-settled status via the EU Settlement Scheme.
A bursary and/or loan can help cover your living costs. 

You can find further information on support available at

How much additional funding you receive is worked out based on your household income. The maximum yearly amount available is £7,625 (equal to a £5,750 student loan and a £1,875 bursary). You’ll qualify for this if you’re from a household with a combined income of less than £19,000 a year.
You may still be eligible for funding even if you’ve received financial support for a previous degree.
Living grants are also available for Scottish residents. Through SAAS, students who are single parents or who have adult dependents can apply for additional funding opportunities. For example, the Disabled Students’ Allowance is available to those who qualify. You may have to complete a needs assessment to prove your eligibility.
You can find further information on support available at
You’ll be required to pay a tuition fee set by the institution to which you’re applying. This fee can be covered by a student loan from your home funding body, the same as if you were studying at home. You can contact your chosen university for advice on the additional funding you could receive, in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

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