Teaching pay scales Scotland


Teaching pay scales in Scotland

Teaching your specialist subject is highly rewarding – in every sense of the word.

A career in teaching not only gives you the opportunity to have a positive impact on the life of pupils, it also benefits from a good starting salary and annual salary increases. From day one, teachers have access to a wide range of financial benefits as part of their pay package.

"Some of my friends ask me if a dream job came up in F1 now, whether I would consider changing my career. But hand on heart, I can honestly say I wouldn’t take it, even if it meant a pay rise. I love my job as no two days are ever the same, and it feels great to know that you are helping to inspire future generations."Duncan Barclay – Physics Teacher at Inverurie Academy, Aberdeenshire

How much do teachers earn?

After entering at the NQT/probationary starting point, teachers move up the pay scale annually.  The current salary bracket in Scotland ranges from a starting salary of £28,113 up to £42,336. Click here to find more information on the current pay scales.

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